9 Super Easy Ways to Protect Your Pancreas Today

Your pancreas plays a pretty important role in your body. It is part of the digestive system and lies behind the abdominal cavity of the stomach.

A spongy tissue responsible for the production of important hormones like insulin which regulates blood sugar levels, having a healthy pancreas will drastically improve your sense of well-being and prevent unwanted problems down the road.


What follows below are tips to help you protect your pancreas from dietary and lifestyle mistakes.

1. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Study after rigorous study has linked alcohol to pancreatic health problems.

Having an occasional glass of red wine is fine and can even be beneficial, but as always when it comes to health, moderation is important. Try and limit yourself to no more than a glass per day.

If you already have issues with your pancreas, you might want to just cut out alcohol completely.

2. Cut Out Cigarettes

You should already know by now that smoking does nothing positive for your health. It is bad for your lungs and even worse for your pancreas.

Countless studies have linked smoking to pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. It destroys healthy cells and promotes cancerous growth.

3. Avoid Heavily Processed Foods and Beverages that contain HFCS

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a highly concentrated food and beverage sweetener.

When you ingest HFCS, your pancreas is forced to produce a ton of insulin to neutralize the blood sugar spike that occurs afterwards and bring it down to normal levels.

The only snag is this: High insulin levels in the blood are not good and increases your risk of pancreatic cancer. In addition, it overworks your pancreas.

4. Avoid soft plastics that contain phthalates

Phthalates are mainly used as plasticizers. They give flexibility, transparency, durability to plastics and make it more flexible and harder to break.

These properties make plastics a desirable choice for storing and processing foods, but unfortunately, there are numerous research articles and journal that link phthalates to cancer.

5. Eat foods that will heal your pancreas

There are countless foods that are just good for you.

Blueberries and cherries are good sources of antioxidants which helps prevent cell damage. Garlic and onions are another good source of beneficial nutrients.

Spinach is a good source of iron and vitamin B which your pancreas needs and Tofu are an excellent source of low-fat protein.

Yoghurt with active cultures is a good source of probiotics and beneficial bacteria which help keep the immune and digestive system in shape and functioning at full power. Choose a yoghurt without added sugar.

6. Don’t forget to Add A Little Spice

There are spices that are incredibly beneficial to the pancreas. You probably have some of them in your pantry.

Garlic, for example, could help slash blood sugar levels, Licorice is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help soothe pancreatitis. Oregano is just loaded with natural antioxidants.

7. Cleanse your pancreas

It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is drink 10 glasses of liquid every day for 10 days to flush your pancreas.

To boost cleansing, you can try juicing fresh fruits and veggies that are high in natural antioxidants. Lemon, strawberry, celery, carrot and kiwi are just a few examples.

8. Drop Those Spare Tires And Avoid Crash Diets

People who are overweight are more risk-prone to health issues. They are more likely to develop gallstones, putting them at risk for pancreatitis.

While it is beneficial to lose weight, it is not healthy to drop a lot of weight at once. Slow and steady loss of weight is key here.

Crash diets that foster quick weight loss also increase cholesterol production in response, increasing your risk for gallstones.

9. Load up on those veggies

\You knew this one was coming, didn’t you?

Veggies like Brussels sprout, cauliflower and cabbage can be beneficial to your pancreas and protect it from tumours.

However, if you have thyroid problems, you might want to abstain from these vegetables.

So there you have it! Nine ways to keep your pancreas healthy for longer. Follow these tips to keep pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer at bay!

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