Get Your Freak On: 27 Spooky Cocktails to Spice Up Your Halloween

These awesome Halloween cocktails are the perfect drink for the festivities! They are quick, easy to make and lip-smackingly delicious!



1. Bloody Halloween Milkshake Shots

Vanilla milkshakes spiked with vanilla vodka, mixed with strawberry sauce with a chocolate drizzle make for super easy Halloween shots for a party. They’re very simple to make, and use just 5 ingredients!

From: The5o’clockChef

2. The Bloody Mummy

The Bloody Mummy is my Halloween take on a brunch staple: a Bloody Mary. Just add string cheese! It’s a simple change that makes this mummified drink fit for any (adults only) Halloween party or perhaps a post-Halloween brunch.

From: SetTheTableBlog

3. “Hallowine” Sangria

A Halloween party isn’t just for kids! Celebrate the season with your friends by serving a festive Halloween cocktail. This delicious and easy “Hallowine” Sangria is the perfect addition to any grown-up gathering this season!

From: TheSeasonedMom

4. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

Perfect for Halloween, or any other holiday, this poisoned apple cider cocktail is sweet and eerie with it’s mystical red and golden swirls! Get into the spooky Halloween spirit with this poisoned apple cider cocktail… made easy with just a handful of ingredients!  The optional luster dust gives the cocktail it’s mystical red and golden swirls, which make for one eerily beautiful drink!

From: The5o’clockChef

5. Caramel Apple Cocktail

This fun and festive Caramel Apple Cocktail is a fabulous Fall alcoholic drink. This Caramel Apple Cocktail is perfect for the crisp air as it warms up the insides!

From: MadeWithHappy

6. Dead Man’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail

If you’re seeking scary Halloween drinks for your Halloween get together, how about serving Dead Man’s Kiss, a black vodka cocktail! This cool Halloween cocktail involves making your own black vodka. This is easier than it sounds!

From: ThisMamaCooks

7. Blood and Guts Cocktail

This hard twist on a Shirley Temple is also loaded up with grape and raspberry jello to give it that blood and guts look. It’s super fun and pretty tasty and works wonderfully for a Halloween party too!

From: SugarAndSoul

8. Sparkling Cranberry Eyeball Punch

Sparkling Cranberry Orange Eyeball Punch: a super easy, spooky Halloween themed punch that can be made with or without vodka to please ghouls of all ages!

From: TheNoviceChef

9. Vampire’s Kiss Shots

Baileys is undoubtedly a crucial component in the Halloween shot arena, but this chocolate and raspberry alternative is as tasty as it is beautifully baroque. Mash raspberries, sugar and vodka in the bottom of the glass, top with Baileys and pour chocolate syrup around the rip. Blood-curdling delicious.

From: BringABottle

10. Gravedigger Cocktail

A refreshing, fizzy fall cocktail perfect for Halloween celebrating. The Grave Digger Cocktail can be quickly made up for a crowd or for solo sipping for a ghoulishly good time!

From: BoulderLocavore

11. Poison Apple Cocktail

Make this Poison Apple Cocktail as your signature drink at your next Halloween party. It’s so easy to make and your guest will love it. Having a signature drink is a must for all of my parties.

From: ACupFullOfSass

12. Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

Punch has always been something that I find to be incredibly sweet and nostalgic and totally festive. Even though I rarely do the whole punch bowl and ladle thing, I often serve punches in big pitchers or decorative drink canisters for parties and even small casual gatherings.

From: HeatherChristo

13. Purple People Eater Cocktail

A tasty (and creepy!) cocktail that gets its purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. A perfectly purple cocktail for any party!

From: HomeMadeHooplah

14. Zombie Shots Halloween Cocktail

A Halloween version of the college favorite, these Zombie Shots spike gelatin with rum.

From: Evite

15. Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail

This ‘Witches Brew’- Halloween cocktail is so stunning. Based on a Purple Hooter, the vivid colour is dramatically beautiful, but with a dark eerie feel perfect for an easy Halloween party cocktail/shot. It is a simple vodka-based cocktail, that is delicious and just a little spooky but still with a sense of fun. Keep it short as a shot or alcohol shooter or add soda for a long drink.

From: SprinkleAndSprout

16. Shark Bite Cocktail

The Shark Bite drink gets its name from the way the three drops of grenadine look like blood in the greenish-blue water. This one always gets a laugh at parties, especially Halloween parties.

From: MixThatDrink

17. Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail Recipe

I thought it would be fun to make a cocktail for Halloween that looks like my favorite Halloween candy…Candy Corn. I hope you enjoy this Candy Corn Cocktail Recipe. It is a sweet treat perfect for Halloween!

From: TammileeTips

18. Potion de Muerto Cocktail

If you’re looking for the perfect spooky cocktail, this is it. The Potion de Muerto combines Hornitos® Black Barrel tequila, which is aged 18 months in three separate American oak barrels, with beet juice (among other ingredients) and crushed ice to appear as if there’s blood dripping throughout the drink. How perfect is that?!

From: Liquor

19. Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots

Dracula’s Bite Jello Shots are a spiked cherry coke cocktail turned into Halloween party must make! These shots are delicious and super easy to make!

From: BreadBoozeBacon

20. Beetlejuice Cocktail

Scare up some fun on Halloween with this frightfully fruity Beetlejuice Cocktail! Made with raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, and melon liqueur, this spooky Halloween drink will leave your guests wanting more!

From: BreadBoozeBacon

21. Hocus Pocus Halloween Cocktail

Regardless of where you are in the realm of Halloween activities, it’s never too late to enjoy this awesome Halloween cocktail!

From: TheFoodieAffair

22. Witches Cauldron

Toast the night this Halloween with this devilish Concoction!

From: MarketWired

23. Black Widow Venom Cocktail

This spooky Halloween cocktail – Black Widow Venom – is perfect for either way you want to make it. And with only two simple ingredients, even if you run out you can whip up a batch in no time flat.

From: TheShabbyCreekCottage

24. Zombietini

After a long, hard day of zombie-ing, even zombie’s need a break. This Zombitini is for all of those hard working zombies out there. Chasing down humans takes a lot of energy, and it can be hard when they get away – or when someone in your horde snags them before you. So at night when you get home, relax to the dulcet tastes of – Zombitini!

From: TotallyTheBomb

25. Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail

A black shimmering Halloween or Galaxy cocktail made with black vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup, Black Magic cocktail. Perfect for adults!

From: ElleTalk

26. Witch’s Brew

Classic lime jello mixed with fruit juice, vodka, and a dash of sprite. A perfect Halloween drink for any type of creepy party!

From: HomeMadeHooplah

27. The Witch’s Heart Shimmery Cocktail

‘Tis Hallowe’en, And in this brew, The witch will stir, Good luck for you! Are you brave enough to drink The Witch’s Heart? Here’s the perfect easy-to-make whimsical cocktail for Halloween this year or for any themed party for that matter!

From: TheFlavorBender

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