23 Movie Themed Cocktails That Are Awesome

Movies hold a prominent place in any culture. Here are 23 movie-themed cocktails that are inspired by the biggest franchises and their protagonists. Perfect for hero-themed parties and more! You can find Halloween themed cocktail recipes right here.


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1. The Grey Stuff

If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast you’re going to love this frothy, boozy drink inspired by the Disney franchise!

From: LifeSheHas

2. Darth Vader Double Chocolate Cocoa

Make this Double Chocolate Cocoa. Darth Vader himself approves!

From: LadyAndTheBlog

3. Yoda Mint Hot Chocolate

Having this delicious Yoda Mint Chocolate will make as wise as the master himself. Give it a try!

From: AdventuresOfANurse

4. Captain America Civil War Cocktail

Captain America: Civil War was a blockbuster enjoyed by many around the globe. You can enjoy this Captain America inspired cocktail while you watch reruns of the entire Captain America series!

From: MyThoughtsIdeasAndRamblings

5. The Grinch Cocktail

Your heart may not grow two sizes when you drink it. Well, maybe, but The Grinch Cocktail will grow the cocktail table line at your holiday party! Four ingredients, plus a candy heart for garnish, are all you need for this tasty Midori cocktail!

From: MomOnTheSide

6. Black Widow Cocktail

This cocktail is representative of Black Widow’s persona. The bite from this cocktail comes from the vodka and displays her badass side. She also really cares about her friends which would explain why the bite of vodka is tempered by the cool sweetness of mint and strawberries.

From: CoolMomsCoolTips

7. Beauty and the Beast Gaston Cocktail

This cocktail is inspired by the popular Disney movie. Tequila, spiced rum, sprite and ice make for a fiery sweet drink!

From: PlumCrazyAboutCoupons

8. Gamora Cocktail

From the taste to the look, this cocktail has the vibe of the Zen Whoberis, Gamora’s race. With vodka, Midori, syrup and purple rock candy, this outer-spacey drink will sure have your guests asking for more!

From: Jamonkey

9. Nebula Cocktail

While Nebula isn’t the nicest girl in the universe, this cocktail is quite nice. Grape Vodka, Chambord, banana rum, pineapple juice, Sprite, Cherries and Mint sprig. Delicious.

From: NoGuiltLife

10. Star Wars Yoda Float

This Yoda Soda Float recipe is a simple and fun addition to any Star Wars themed party or movie night!

From: SugarAndSoul

11. Baby Groot Cocktail

Guardians of the Galaxy is an incredibly entertaining movie with a playful vibe. Here’s a cocktail courtesy of Groot for your superhero movie night.

From: WhiskyNSunshine

12. Alice Through the Looking Glass Cocktail

Follow the adventures of Alice with this delicious cocktail in hand!

From: LifeSheHas

13. Bucky’s Blackberry Lemonade

This refreshing Blackberry Lemonade recipe is inspired by Cap’s pal, Sgt. Bucky Barnes and will remind you that he’s with you: ’til the end of the line!

From: NoGuiltLife

14. Doctor Strange’s Elixir Cocktail

This cocktail is easy to make and enjoy. Looks like something straight out of an esoteric party hosted by magicians!

From: PlumCrazyAboutCoupons

15. Thor on the RagnarRocks Cocktail

This Thor cocktail will “rock” your world and delight your senses as it is infused with lemon, honey and whiskey. It’s strong, just like the Asgardian god!

From: WhiskyNSunshine

16. Black Panther Vibranium Cocktail

Vibranium Cocktail. If the name alone doesn’t make you want to drink it, I don’t know what will. This cocktail is inspired by Black Panther, one of the best movies that came out this year.

From: KatBalogger

17. Spiderman Drink

If you’re looking for something fun for Spider-Man party ideas or Marvel movie-watching parties, then this SpiderMan frozen drink is for you!

From: LolaLambChops

18. Star-Lord Cocktail

This cocktail looks like something Peter Quill will absolutely get wasted on. And so will you if you aren’t careful.

From: KatBalogger

19. The Red Woman Cocktail

Game of Thrones is definitely a huge fan favorite, and one of the best shows on television. This Melisandre-inspired cocktail is as enigmatic as “The Red Woman” herself!

From: LifeSheHas

20. Time Stone Cocktail

This smooth and delicious Marvel Avengers-inspired cocktail is perfect for movie watching parties, and it’s easy-to-make, too. Plus, your kids will love the non-alcoholic version, the Avengers Time Stone Mocktail!

From: BullocksBuzz

21. Joker Gone Wild Cocktail

You will love this Joker-inspired cocktail. It’s got a little crazy and looks amazing in Joker’s signature purple and green!

From: LifeSheHas

22. The Harley Quinn Cocktail

With Cherry Vodka, Tequila and Rum, this cocktail is as daring and non-conformist as the character, Harley Quinn herself.

From: LifeSheHas

23. Jurrasic Julep

This Peach Mint Julep is perfect for peach season and is great for a themed Jurassic Park/World party. This Jurassic Julep is themed to look like the original Jurassic Park colors.

From: Jamonkey

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